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GROUP OF SIX. Capt.V.D.Godley. 2nd Bn. Northants Regt. Operation Husky


Code: 10199

A interesting Sicily campaign group awarded to Captain Vincent Dorian Godley. 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment. 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal 1939-45, War Medal 1939-45 and General Service Medal 1918-62 Clasp Malaya ( CAPT. V. D. GODLEY. GEN. LIST.) Vincent Dorien Godley was born 22nd August 1915. On enlistment his occupation was recorded as farmer, on the 22nd June 1934 he joined the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards in Middlesborough. Papers show he served as a Lance Corporal then promoted to Lance Sergeant with the Coldstreams. He was discharged from the Guards in 1941. Captain Vincent Dorien Godley is mentioned as receiving his Regular Army Commission as 2nd Lieutenant on the 17th March 1941. Later receiving promotion to Lieutenant 1st October 1942. Records show that in July 1943 serving with the Northants Regiment he took part in the Sicily Landings (Operation Husky) as Platoon Commander of 'C' Company. Involved in operation on the main beaches later moving inland towards main advance on Syracuse. After taking it C Company then advanced onto Priolo North of Syracuse. War Diary for the 2nd Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment of the 10th July 1943. Reports heavy fighting as they entered orchards south of Priolo against German and Italian Forces. German Forces of the Hermann Goering Division where reported well dug into positions of heavy covered undergrowth. Fighting was heavy and the Battalion took heavy casualties. Reports mentioned heavy confrontations between British Sherman tank armour and German anti-tank resistance east of the town. It was only later the town of Priolo was taken on the 12th July 1943 after stiff resistance was destroyed by further operation involving heavy artillery . Later reports showed that enemy forces had moved out of the town of Priolo. He was later promoted to Temp. Captain on the 30th January 1944. After the end of the war he is mentioned in the Army List for January 1946. Later serving in the Malaya confrontation being awarded the GSM 18-62 Malaya Campaign Medal. (with copy Officers Attestation Papers, War Diary extracts for 29th June 1943 to 12th July 1943 (2nd Bn. Northampton's) & London Gazette 30th May 1941. Original Letter of confirmation from Northampton Borough Council. Requesting information on recipient.)