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South Atlantic Medal 1982. SG1A Mr M.N.Wytcherley. Royal Fleet Auxilia


Code: 10282

Awarded to SG1A Mr Mark Neville Wytcherley served on Royal Fleet Auxiliery Blue Rover, pennant No.A270, a Rover Class small fleet tanker. South Atlantic Medal 1982 “with Rosette”, (SG1A M. WYTCHERLEY. RFA BLUE ROVER). On the outbreak of the Falklands War in which Argentina invaded the small island of the Falklands a British Sovereign State. Mark N. Wytcherley serving with the rank of SG1A sailed to the Falklands Conflict onboard the RFA Blue Rover. She arrived at Ascension Islands on the 26th April 1982, arriving at Cumberland Bay in South Georgia on the 9th May 1982. On the 29th May 1982, rendezvous with main Task Force in South Atlantic. She then sailed and arrived in San Carlos Water on the 10th June 1982.  She was tasked with refuelling ships of Royal Navy Task Force. Recipient Mark Neville Wytcherley was born in Aldershot in Hampshire 9th November 1959. He married 3years after serving in the Falklands Conflict to Denise Cook-James in August 1985. Medal mounted for wear. Please note correction to first letter W of recipients surname. (with copy medal roll and RFA Blue Rover Overview).